Spire of the Watcher – Encounter 2 (Akelous) Spawn Mechanics

Note: This was written during Season of the Seraph when this dungeon originally launched. Written with solo flawless planning in mind. Builds that have consistent healing and ability slaying (Solar Titan, Devour, Arc Hunter) will be able to ignore most of the specifics of this information by outhealing all of the adds, and are thus recommended for a better solo experience. With the exception of recommending that the Harpies with line-of-sight to the final arm are defeated before the Akelous damage phase to avoid issues with dealing damage due to flinch.

I spent a bit of time slow-rolling the second encounter to figure out the spawn patterns/behaviours to make it easier to manage the amount of danger during a solo attempt. This is observed on the default difficulty and while solo.

This encounter has 3 types of spawn patterns. Note that for the timing, I am considering the time that the transmat appears, which is about 5 seconds before the enemies actually spawn in.

Pattern 1: Top/Outer Arm Spawns (Minotaur + Goblins)

  • Size: (3x Goblins, 1x Minotaur) per arm (2 arms)
  • Location: Spawns on two opposing arms at the end on the upper/outer level, alternates between arms 1+3 (initial), and arms 2+4
  • Conditions: After both Minotaurs are dead. Respawns immediately after both Minotaurs are dead with the full amount of Goblins, regardless of how many Goblins were killed from the previous group.
  • Notes on AI: Minotaur tends to stay put on the arm when not aggroed, Goblins will rush center and can move to other arms (inner or outer)

Pattern 2: Lower/Inner Arm Spawns (Goblins):

  • Size: 4x Goblins per group
  • Location: Spawns at the end of the arm on the lower/inner level
  • Conditions: On arms that are partially complete (3 to 5 nodes activated). Spawns as soon as an arm gets to 3/6 nodes activated, and 20 seconds after the all Goblins in the previous group were killed, if the arm hasn’t been completed by then. (Note: You can kill all of the Goblins in the group and then finish the arm, and it will not spawn another group of Goblins.)
  • Notes on AI: Goblins will rush center and can move to other arms (inner or outer)

Pattern 3: Harpies

  • Size: (4x Harpies) per arm (up to 3 arms)
  • Location: Spawns in the air behind the fuel cells of all arms that have not been completed (Note: the fourth arm completed will not spawn any Harpies)
  • Condition: After an arm is completed
  • Notes on AI: If there is line of sight (adjacent arms are within range), they will move towards you. The spawns at the opposite arm tend to sit there until you move.

Based on the above information, a sequence that would minimize the amount of adds spawned at a time would look something like this:

  1. Kill both sets of Goblins in Spawn Pattern 1.
  2. Kill one Minotaur, complete an arm, killing the Pattern 2 Goblins that spawn in while you are completing the arm.
  3. Kill all groups of Harpies from spawn Pattern 3.
  4. “Reset to neutral” by killing the last Minotaur.
  5. Return to Step 1.

At the fourth arm, you’ll have no Harpy spawns, and only one Minotaur alive during DPS.